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Borewell Contractor in Chennai Offering best Borewell Services at affortable prices, we not only providing services in the state of Tamilnadu but also in many areas in India. We have a team of more than 20 experts throughout Chennai, India. The Borewell contractor in Chennai served more than 150 commercial customers diagonally to India. Our purpose is to offer high-tech services in more than 20 locations in India and major cities. For more details ust fill the fome in contact page or call us at visiable mobile number in our website.


Our plan is to make available of our clients with best value for money and Borewell services in Chennai. Our company is backed by trained and devoted bore well Contractors, who keep them updated with all latest technologies. Highly experienced drilling operators and dedicated technical personnel are the integral part of the company who has excellence in bore well drilling. Our associates can also be getting in touch with via Calls, E-Mails. We comfort speed up responses.

Our Services


We provide Slow Rig, Rock, and Power Rig Drilling in Chennai.


We test the soil with our experts geological team of Chennai.


Can determine the amount of water that can be extracted in a day.


Provide Slow Rig, Rock, and Power Rig Drilling serrvices in Chennai.


In case of large & important projects the number of tests can be more


Has skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing & plumbing.

For Price Estimate, Call Us - 9618369715

Why Hire Us


Our contractors are having over decade of experienced technical team with us for Borewell drilling Services activity in Chennai & Surrounding.


We are backed by trained contract experts who keep them updated, Are leading providers of water well drilling rigs in Chennai and other cities.


Our Experts are highly talented in rain borewell drilling, Harvesting,etc. Have achieved a respectable niche in the field of bore well drilling.


We are sure about price that will be very lower, than others in the Chennai market. You can contact us for more details about prices & Other doubts.

For More Click on Num To Call Us9618369715

Happy Clients

For More Click on Num To Call Us9618369715

Some FAQ's May Help You..!!

What types of Services can borewell contractors in Chennai & other areas provide?

We are very glad to be here @borewellcontractor.com. Here in Chennai & other local areas we provide the all types of services which is listed in below. If you are looking for the service other than from that list you can call us(borewell contractor Chennai area team) @Contact Us at any time (its more better if its be 8am-8pm). But we can give you complete details regarding borewell drilling, prices and some sort queries here itself. You can get complete knowledge about borewell drilling by calling or by filling the form which is there in right-top of the website "borewell contractor Chennai".

Is there any other companies provide these services? If then why choose borewell contractor for borewell drilling in Chennai?

Yes, Other than "Borewell contractor" there are some other companies which provides borewell drilling services in Chennai & Surround. You can get contact them as well if you want it. But here we proudly saying that we can provide the best service within low price & time too. By seeing our last Month statistics (124 people contact us & 106 people taken services from borewell contractor Chennai & Surrounding).

At what time i need to contact you? is there any advance booking to take Borewell drilling services in Chennai?

You can contact borewell contactor Chennai team at any time for prices, discounts..etc. If you are through mobile call, 8am-8pm could be the best time. If you want through contact us form time doesn't matter for that. Our borewell contractor Chennai team will contact & explain you, Once they check their mail. (We will always updated with the receiving & sending mails). There is no advanced booking. We proudly says that can deliver our service within short time with huge technical experts.

Some statictics about borewell contractor in Chennai Around?

Statistics doesn't matter. Quality service is only the matter. If you want the statistics of "borewell contractor Chennai" team we can say that we are one of the most reputed team in Chennai & Surrounding. We do consider our statistics in two ways that before taking the service & after. Before indicates that how our technical team explains to the infested customer (i.e in dec- 124 people contact us & 106 people taken services from borewell contractor Chennai & Surrounding). We can proudly say, that our technical team will cooperate with the customers if they are interested to take from "Borewell contractor Chennai". When comes quality we are getting the good number of returning customers as well.

Do i really believe your statistics?

Actually it is yes, but if you have any questions you can contact "borewell contractor Chennai" at any time. Because depending on returning & reference customers you need to understand the Quality of service provided by borewell contractor Chennai.p>

What about team? Is they are Customer cooperative?

When it comes to team they are skilled professionals (borewell contractor Chennai & Surrounding's). We encourage team to be updated with latest technologies which comes in the recent market. We have un-technical supporters as well to help borewell drilling contractors.

What type of technology We(i.e Borewell contractor Chennai Around) uses when drilling borewell?

At present we don't have that facility here in the site. You need to contact "Borewell drilling Chennai" team to get exact estimation. We are planning to implement that in future. At present we are saying sorry for that.

What if i take services from others? What is the difference between you and others? What type of services you can provide in Chennai and other areas?

Yes you can take the service from any one. For this question our borewell drilling Chennai team will suggest you that "Choose the best in the market who can provide quality service within minimal price in Chennai, & the take services from good one".

What is Borewell drilling cost per feet in Chennai Surrounding?

Please contact us by calling the number which is in site or fill the form @contact us. Because no one cannot says that exact price. You can get rough estimation from Chennai team. We don't want you to be fooled with the duplicate prices. Especially in Chennai that does vary from place to place depends on the situation.

Is there any price calculation system for checking price "how much it could be to borewell drilling Chennai & other areas?

At present we don't have that fecility here in the site. you need to contact "Borewell drilling Chennai" team to get exact estimation. We are planning to implement that in future. At present we are saying sorry for that.

Do it(Borewell contractor) provides any offers to the customers? What else if we have 2 or more customers to take services from "borewell contractor Chennai"?

Of course, every business provides some offers. If you want to be known present running offers please kindly call to our "Borewell Contractor Chennai" & Surrounding team. They will help you.

Is there any discount in prices if i take services from you (i.e Borewell contractor Chennai)?

That depends on your requirement of service. Please fill your requirements in the contact form, our team will reply within min's only. (Borewell contractor Chennai & borewell drilling Chennai)

( Note:-Some more question's is here that only "borewell contractor Chennai technical team" can help you.)

What are the types of casing pipes used in borewells? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Is it necessary to obtain legal permission for drilling a new borewell in Chennai? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Can borewells be drilled inside an existing well? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

When and to what depth should the inner casing be laid for a bore well? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Which types of pumps are suitable for borewells? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

How to choose a right type and capacity of pump for a borewell? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Is it possible to remove pump/pipes struck in a borewell? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

How to remove an object blocking a borewell just below the casing pipe depth? Will taking video footage help? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Is it possible to retrieve pipe fallen inside the borewell? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Is there any hope of getting water from it? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

Our borewell has suddenly dropped in yield. There are lots of other borewells in the neighbourhood. What can we do? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

One borewell is connected to another 6 ft away contaminated from sewage lines passing nearby. Any suggestions? (contact @Borewell contractor Chennai & surrounding's team)

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